Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Plans for This Afternoon

Go to Walmart or similar stuff store, buy some more politically incorrect and environmentally "unfriendly" bottled water as I'm down to my last 16.9 ouncer. This doesn't usually happen, but I've been away from my usual water buying venue this week, and have had a work schedule that departed from my accustomed days, which frankly threw everything off.

I'm eager for more bottled water as we had someone we had to listen to this week during some training who made a point of disparaging plastic bottles when he was offered one upon expressing to us his urgent need for hydration. So, he turned down a free bottle of cold water and asked instead where he could refill his aluminum water bottle. For the rest of the training I thought I noticed a disapproving glare every time anyone set a disposable plastic bottle of water on the table where he could see it.

While at the store, especially if it's Walmart, I'm thinking the temptation for a Fritos corn chips and bean dip purchase might be hard to resist.

After the store my plans are less certain. Maybe a quick stop at the BBQ for a couple of beef sandwiches. And then, Superbowl!

By the way, no need to stop anywhere for beer. I've got an eighteen pack of Bud Light waiting in the fridge.

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