Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where Did My Pants Go?

After carefully reviewing dream interpretation wisdom, I still don't have an answer.

Some say finding yourself naked means you fear exposure, or that people can "see through you". It's a common dream element, apparently, one that not everyone experiences during slumber, but a whole lot of sinister phonies do. I guess some are completely nude in these dreams, but I never am. Usually, only my pants are missing.

Another thing, no one else notices my nudity or lack of clothing in these dreams. They go about their business while I try to pull my shirt over my unmentionables to hide my shame (like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden). I don't have these dreams often, but last week I did, and once again, I was out in public and suddenly, NO PANTS! I even found some trousers to put on, but somehow, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't pull them on. Does this mean subconsciously I want to be naked in public? I even became aware during this humiliation that I was dreaming. That meant I could let go and be natural without a care, let it all hang out (what there is of it) and be free, and to hell with society's conventions! Clothing? Bah! But no, even when I realized I was in a dream world, I didn't take advantage of the fact. A beautiful woman was watching me and wanted me bad (hey, it's my dream), but all I said to her was "Where did my pants go?"


  1. Mr. Nikks, you lose your pants? I gots some if you needs it!

  2. I get dreams where I try to punch someone and my fist slows down the closer I get to their face until it's inches away and it's like I hit a forcefield. Also, my teeth keep falling out as my 3rd grade teacher whispers in my ear that I can fly, and I jump in the air but fall face first.

    Yeah... dreams.


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