Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Open Letter to Swiftfoxmark2, A Misogynistic Piece of Shit

Dear swiftfoxmark2,

You have now posted two stories that demonstrate a need for gun control... and found a way to blame social welfare. Then, you turned around and said the most stupid, ignorant, misogynistic thing I have read in months:

On a side note, it is high time we start shunning women who are single moms. I am not talking about divorced women, as it depends on the nature of the divorce, but women who have never gotten married in the first place, have kids, and their fathers are nowhere to be seen. It is becoming a moral imperative that our society shun such sluts and treat them like the scum queens that they are (throw them in the mud).

If you had even one ounce of interest in personal responsibility, you would turn the blame on the deadbeat dads who abandon their families to fend for themselves and then shirk off child support. I see zero accountability from you placed on men, only Puritanical bullshit that is straight out of the Dark Ages aimed at shaming women who already have miserable lives trying to raise children alone.

Swift Fox Mark II, you are one dumb piece of shit.

Sincerely, Bret


  1. That was fast! Didn't see this until after I posted my video.

  2. I usually like to link back to the original post on something like this, so people viewing only your post can get the complete context. Of course, you do quote the relevant passage, so maybe it doesn't matter.

    Maybe you'd like this anti PIV post (see the comments).

    “All decisions to engage in PIV in a patriarchy are coerced. Whether the decision is to do it or not to do it, the element of coercion is still present.”

    Bret, you misogynistic thing!

  3. Dear Bret,

    I have no problem blaming the men who abandon their children as well, but if a woman has three children all from different 'dads' it kind of comes to her being a filthy slut. In this case, she had two children, although their father or fathers was not known.

    Notice also I have excluded divorced women and widows (I forget to mention them). I am focusing exclusively on women who are not married and have children from men or boys who have no interest in commitment. As a result, they tend to demand handouts in all forms.

  4. mark dont let little shit and liar bret intimidate you! he is not one to call anyone on ANYTHING even pulls crap on those who try to befriend him. he has more offensive posts and comments than anyone here so slactivist living off your woman shut the fuck up!

  5. swiftfoxmark2: I'd rather give money to a "filthy slut" who has kids to feed than give tax breaks to billionaires and hand-outs to corporations. You bitch about people whose lives are awful, and you ignore the real problems in the world. Your moralistic, religion-based view of the world is warped and bullshit.

    Radio: You want to cheer up and suck the cock of a misogynist just to spite me? Holy shit, you are petty. Also, did you have a stroke, or have you always typed like that?

  6. Don't use radfem words and concepts to divert the discussion, you asshole.

    Of course, I have no sympathy for single moms, as they consciously gave into the propaganda of PIV-worship and procreation, but I have even less sympathy for the men who are derelict of duty. For it is, in the end, THE MAN'S FAULT if PIV is engaged in. It's what MEN want. Less than a quarter of women have orgasms on PIV.

    As Bret pointed out, there are real problems in this world, and we don't need religion adding more.


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