Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Murderous Moocher

It appears that no good deed goes unpunished:

Police say a York County woman admitted to killing a 67-year-old family friend in Florida and leaving the woman’s body underneath a pile of Christmas presents in her own home.

Patty White, 40, has been arrested for allegedly killing 67-year-old Michele O’Dowd in her Jacksonville home Friday. Jacksonville police indicated to CBS Charlotte that while no charges have been filed to this point, the case against White will be a homicide case.

Jacksonville police said White stole two of O’Dowd’s charge cards following her death, attempting to take money out of her account from at least two area ATMs. Police added that O’Dowd let White, a family friend, stay with her when she fell on difficult times.

WTEV reports that O’Dowd’s body was discovered by her twin brother that same day.

“There is nothing worse than when you walk inside and find your own sister brutally murdered over a stupid debit card,” the brother told WTEV.

On Saturday, York police pulled over a car driven by White’s mother that White was riding in. When White interviewed with detectives, White confessed to murdering O’Dowd, according to a police report and a release.

York Police Chief Andy Robinson told CBS Charlotte that it is unlikely White will fight extradition back to Florida, where she will be charged. Robinson said that White should be heading to Florida sometime this week.

White is currently being held at the York County Detention Center.

What we have here is a microcosm of what happens when you take away a moocher’s source of income.  Patty White was probably a impulsive customer of many vices, such as alcohol, gambling, and recreational drug use.  In her 20s, she probably rode the man carousel and found that when she reach her mid-thirties, she was no longer desirable.  Subsequently, she began to just mooch off of friends rather than her various lovers.

Michele O’Dowd was probably just fulfilling what she perceived as her Christian duty to help those who are downtrodden.  Unfortunately, she forgot the very important lesson of keeping boundaries with those kind of people and she paid the ultimate price for her mistake.  I am not condemning Michele O’Dowd for her generosity or her heart, merely her foolish behavior with regards to Patty White.

While it does not say in the article, and most of what I have said so far can be taken for a grain of salt, I am guessing that Patty White asked Michele O’Dowd for money and that when she was refused what she believed was her due, she killed that women.  Her actions following the murder seem to indicate as much.

When moochers are denied their source of income, they react with violence.  Productive citizens usually go out and find another job.  But moochers only understand the concept of money, not the concept of the proper way to get it.  This is why you see the elderly believing such ridiculous lies as Republicans wanting to push them down the stairs.  They actually are so afraid of losing their welfare benefits, which are awarded to them for being old, that they will believe anything the looters tell them.

With such an irrational mindset, it is not hard to see them engaging in murder in order to get money.  It is unfortunate that this happened, but I won’t be surprised if it happens much more frequently in the future.


  1. Not really seeing the connection to the Evil Rethuglicans, not seeing any more connection to them than to Saintly Noble Barack the Obamagnificent or to the polite well-intended Meritful Democrats.

    No need to use the York White/O'Dowd murder story if all you want to do is blame Evil Rethuglicans for something.

    Especially if the main point is to blame those Nasty Whorish Elephants when the Virginally Pure Donkeys might be equally culpable in the problem causing your whining.

  2. Karl... I'm going out on a limb here and now assuming you are unable to read.


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