Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monadnock HS Public Officials Attempt Censorship

On Tuesday, December 13th, 2011, a number of individuals visited Monadnock High School in Swanzey, NH (just south of Keene) to do some outreach. While the students were receptive, it was a different story entirely for the just-following-the-rules public officials.

No, you can't hand out pro-freedom flyers, but the publik skools (funded with stolen money- yes TAXATION IS THEFT!) have every right to indoctrinate their prisoners students with statist propaganda.


  1. For the same reason that I wouldn't want fundie Christians doing "outreach" to my kids, I don't want freestater Jesushead loons doing the same.

    They tried this in Manchvegas, recently - and were roundly ridiculed off one of the high school campuses. By the students.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jack, I always appreciate input from readers.

    But, are your kids "Yours" or do they have the right to decide for themselves if they'll take a flyer from someone? These are High School kids we're talking about, not babies (it's like those stupid school speed zones and crossing guards at high schools, always makes me laugh). However, I'm not saying you're wrong, just that to me, it's no big deal.

    As far as "fundie" Christians, I have no problem with them doing "outreach" if they want to, doesn't bother me a in the slightest, and I say that as an atheist.

    And if those students who "ridiculed" people off are attending public schools, I have to ask "Why?" What kind of irresponsible parent sends their child to a government prison and indoctrination camp?

  3. But do you have any problem, Jack, with publik skool "teachers" doing their "outreach" to your kids? I guess not. Your position and comment on this post is beyond a little bizarre!

  4. Nikk... this is what happens when you get all up-in-arms about stuff you just heard about.

    Try a little skepticism for the sources you blindly accept.

  5. The gullible ignoramus par excellence presumes to accuse me of blind acceptance and lack of skepticism. What a laughable crock of shit.


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