Friday, December 16, 2011

Calling Out Sick

Hello, Skeptical Eye? Yeah, a little under the weather this morning, just not feeling well, don't think I can make it in to blog. What? What's wrong with me? Bret "Ginx" Alan made me sick to my stomach! Yeah, that's right, I coming down with Ginxitis. What? Why do you need me, you've got other contributors.There's, Swift, Cork, Bret the statist loon. What do you mean they're not reliable? I can guarantee you at least one of them will post something today. You can't count on that?

Look, I'll work overtime this weekend and post like mad, okay, but I just don't think I can make it in today. What's that, Skeptical Eye can't miss a day, has to have new posts every single day? Well, yes, I know the faithful SE fans expect it, but...

Look, I'm not feeling good, but maybe I can manage half a post today, would that be all right? What, all my posts are...DON'T BE A WISENHEIMER, SE!


  1. Ginxitis... inflammation of the Ginx. That doesn't sound like it would be painful, but I bet it's annoying.

    Also, ten bucks says swift will be posting today, since it's Friday, so you know what that means: Lovecraft. I need to get back to remembering to put up a TED talk on Tuesdays... or, you know, actually write something.

  2. but I bet it's annoying.

    Oh, it's very annoying, and it sometimes raises the blood pressure.

    At least my threat to call out seemed to stimulate everyone. I should do it more often.


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