Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Boomers - Lazy, Greedy, Entitled?


  1. If you spend your time listening to this loser, you’ll windup being just like him. You’ll look in the mirror someday and see a fat bald hateful nincompoop who doesn’t have clue of what he’s talking about. If this is the best that Gen X has to offer then I feel sorry for your generation. If you want to learn something of this world then stay away from finger pointing crybabies who can only make it by blaming other people. Learn from people that are problem solvers not whiners. Read the classics and take the advice of the great philosophers like Bertrand Russell and thinkers like Albert Einstein. It’s so easy to sit in a corner and wallow in self-pity and blame other people for your problems. But that’s exactly what this fool wants you to do.

    1. Yeah, that's basically what anarchy is about: giving up and whining about anyone who tries.

    2. Anyone who tries what? To steal from someone else what doesn't belong to them? To force others to live as they want them to (drug laws, anyone?) Statist fools are all alike, sorry little losers who need big daddy government to tell them and everyone else how to live. The baby boomers are perfect examples of whiners who want to be taxpayer supported even as the country sinks into ruin, and statist assholes like you two apologize for the insanity.

    3. Your anger filled rant belies in the emptiness of your stance.

      What do you care if the "country sinks into ruin" anyway, Mr. Anarchist?

    4. Anger filled rant? Pot calling kettle black, again? Give me a break.

      Why would I care about the country? You're so ignorant of anarchism you don't even know, do you? A "country" is not synonymous with the state that claims it as its territory, and I care because it's my home, and the land of my people and culture.

      Just another of your empty, worthless replies, devoid of thought or meaningful content.

  2. Just because I don't take the time to proofread my replies doesn't mean I from was if you can't with for.


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