Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anti-Obama Joke of the Day

An Illegal Alien, a Muslim and a Communist walk into a bar.

The bartender asks, "What can I get you, Mr. President?

Seeing this joke, I assumed at first that the blog I got it from was a "conservative" neocon blog. Thankfully, upon further examination, I find that assumption was wrong. The blog appears to be pro Ron Paul, anti US Empire and libertarian in orientation. So why this particular joke, which looks like a fake "conservative" right-wing radio talk show listening loon came up with it? I don'ts know.

Have an anti-Obama joke (clean) you want to add? We'll have more to come, though I ain't promising there will be one every single day.


  1. Knock, knock.

    Who's there?


    Obama who?


    I got nothing.

  2. Most jokes about Obama relate to race and slavery (such as " Did he tell his Master he was elected president of the USA?").

    However, it is not Obama who is the joke here but those who have elected him - immature and irresponsible american voters, and it is they who should be ridiculed not Obama.

  3. You're just bitter that Ron Paul can never be president until mental institutions let their patients out on election day.

    Though Paul's rallies are something else. You get a free hat just for showing up. I used mine to line a pan to collect the drippings when I made hot wings.


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