Saturday, December 3, 2011

Anonymous: Message to Ron Paul

Good Day, Doctor Paul, this is a message from Anonymous, I am 0407... and I bid you greetings, Congressman... Recently a video was posted... Ron Paul's Message to Occupy Wallstreet... Anonymous realizes that this video was created by your campaign, or one of the groups associated with your campaign, in your bid for the Presidency of the United States... Anonymous concurs with your stance to end the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States... but this action also needs to be combined with the strict reform of Banking Regulations to totally outlaw the practice of Fractional Reserve Lending... it is this banking practice that allows banks to lend more money than they have in their reserves by simply creating it out of thin air... but 0407 need not explain this concept to you, Doctor Paul, as you have undoubtedly already examined this fact... 0407 has followed your political career over the last twenty years and is quite respectful of the stand you have taken many times when voting against the majority was an unpopular action because that vote would have broken your principles. Thank you for your service to this country, Doctor Paul.

Anonymous calls on you, Doctor Ron Paul, to lend your voice to Occupy Wallstreet and other similar Occupy operations already beginning all across the United States. Visit the protesters publicly, Doctor Paul. Show your support for the Revolution, and Anonymous will not forget you. It may be that not all of the Occupy Wallstreet protesters support your bid for the Presidency, however, thus far it has only been the arrests and brutality of the New York City Police Department that have garnered any attention from the Corporate Media. 0407 believes that a public visit from yourself would bring a favorable light on both the protests and your campaign. We do not ask you to be our leader, we need no leader to take back America, but there must be rule of law in the United States or the great experiment in democracy that the Founding Fathers spoke about will come to an end in a sweeping wave of anarchy which will never see an conclusion.

Anonymous knows that the corporate media will try to marginalize you just as they did in 2008. Stick to your guns Texan... If you are elected President, remember this one very simple fact... Anonymous is watching... The Whole World is Watching...


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