Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fritter Folly

image by Adam Kuban under Creative Commons

Is there something diabolical about fritters? What is their strange power over otherwise rational donut avoiders? My dad used to be Mr. Health Nut, eating large salads and steamed vegetables by the plateful for dinner. Then, in his golden years, he became fond of things like donuts (old fashioneds are his favorite) and especially apple fritters. Even when he made his pledge to give up the fried dough rings, he still couldn't resist a fritter.

There's a low-carb trend around the office (though not officially; the "foods" most commonly brought in for all to share in are donuts and bagels and pizza) and people are doing things like eating plain chicken with a pile of lettuce on the side for lunch. So, when one of the most recent donut boxes arrived, someone "avoiding" the bad stuff succumbed to a fritter, stating "Well, I thought, hey, it's got apple in it, it can't be all bad, at least I'm getting some fruit."

Oh yeah, keep telling yourself that, Fritter Fattie!

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