Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post of the Moment (with a comment by Nikk Jakson!)

Is choosing (presumably of free choice and will) not to procreate under the auspices of rational thought a form of nihilism? Is it skirting your responsbility as a human? That is, we apply a "we'll still survive. What am I going to change?" Indeed, Africa and Asia more than bring up birth rates picking up the slack from the West who have chosen to shrink the family of which I'm a part of with one child in my clan.

If there's one universal law observed by all cultures and religions it's procreation. After all, no noogie-woogie no species.

I suppose I'm insinuating not procreating is a law that's not up for discussion.-The Commentator: Procreation And Nihilism

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