Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Ron Paul Blackout

So far, there has been a massive media blackout of Ron Paul during this election cycle.  When I say blackout, I mean that nobody is talking about him or even mentioning him and usually when they do, it is along the lines about how he cannot win.  Yet when his supporters point this out, they are often met with criticism about how they a bunch of spammers or that they are wrong.  Well, two images have appeared within the last week that prove differently:

All the debates have been controlled by some media outlet or another.  They are directed and moderated by the media and none of the candidates who are invited are given a fair shake.  Also, this one just came out today:

Notice how Sarah Palin, who cannot win because she is not running, got more coverage than Ron Paul?

Now, all of this would be justified if Ron Paul was doing poorly overall.  If he was consistently getting 2% of the votes in the polls across the country, then maybe I could see a justification for such lackluster coverage.  Unfortunately, this is not the case as Ron Paul won the CPAC straw polls in 2010 and 2011, came in close second at the Ames Straw poll without having to buy any votes for a free country concert, won the California straw poll, and won the Values Voters straw poll.  He has also come in third in many of the various polls taken from the more credible sources.

In the long run, Ron Paul does not matter all that much.  But he is the only one who stands out from all the rest.  The rest of the candidates seem to be offering the same solutions, even Herman Cain’s unique tax restructuring is merely something that has already been recommended by some in Congress in one form or another.  None of them seem to be citing the Constitution when they articulate their policy plans and none of them have stated that they will decrease spending.  Many just seem to want government to work better, not leaner.

The news media has long been biased for Statists and against liberty.  I do not know why exactly, although if we were to go through the history of modern journalism I am sure the answers would become apparent, but that fact remains that they will always promote the most Statist candidate they can find.

Ron Paul, while not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, at least offers a golden path back to our constitutional roots as a nation.  And while it may already be too late to save this nation from the coming collapse of our civilization, as long as it has not happened, it is worth a try.  A Ron Paul presidency means our nation will in the right direction on all fronts while any other candidate, including the current President, means more business as usual.


  1. Both you and Nikk did this (though Nikk more so), but you managed to find a way to blame private journalism on "statists." It's no wonder you hate government so much when you just blame every private action you don't like on the government. It's stupid, but at least now I get it. You guys don't hate the government, you're just delusional.

  2. I think the majority of journalists are lazy. Statists are of course, lazy. Hence, journalists are generally statists.


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