Thursday, October 20, 2011

David Corn's

He offered to sell the domain name to Herman Cain, but received no response from Mr. Federal Reserve Pizza Man.

The Tax Policy Center has done yet another analysis of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, and guess what? Unless you're really rich, your taxes will go up! If you earn, say, $50,000 per year, you currently pay about 14.3% of your income in federal taxes. Under Cain's plan, you'll pay 23.8%. Whee! And if you make the big bucks? Well, millionaires currently pay about 32.9% of their income in federal taxes. Under Cain's plan, they'll pay 17.9%. Ka-ching!

Well, since Cain thinks if you're not rich or you're without a job, it's your fault, no wonder his pro big government plan helps out those worthy wealthy and takes even more from the undeserving non-rich earning a disgraceful working class income. But hey, don't get mad at Herman "Big Government" Cain. He's only trying to help you by pushing you to become rich so you'll pay less in taxes. Don't you get it? Herman Cain wants you to be rich (and it's easy, anyone can do it; after all, if you're not rich, you have no one to blame but yourself)!


  1. You really should do some investigating on who is behind the "Tax Policy Center"...another Soros front. The figures and the conclusions drawn here are skewed to the left. There will be no , or fewer writeoffs under 999 and there will be exemptions for "those less fortunate". No tax plan is perfect and this one will be tweaked quite a bit, but if it disposes of the IRS and controls FED influence...I am all for it!

  2. Scott, thanks for the comment. I make no claim that the info on Cain's plan is "objective". I'm sure it isn't. However, there is no doubt that working poor people WILL pay more on his ridiculous tax policy. A national Federal sales tax of 9% ON EVERYTHING? Of course working class and poor people will pay more under his plan.

    Why don't any of these so-called conservatives have the guts to propose abolishing federal income taxes all together (like Ron Paul advocates)? I'll tell you why. They are as much in love with big government as their Democrat bedfellows (though they prefer crony capitalism, banksters and the military-industrial complex over welfare for poor people).

  3. controls FED influence

    Yeah, I really trust a former FED insider like Cain to do that!


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