Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Liberal Media?

I am sick of idiots on the right bitching about “the liberal media” when they are spoon fed such nonsense from clearly biased hate sources like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and other uneducated loons. These know-nothing nitwits need to shut the fuck up and open their eyes to reality.

Where was the coverage of Occupy Wall Street in the supposed “liberal media” during it's early weeks? It took quite some time for them to catch on, and they seemed to do so with reluctance and skepticism. Since Occupy Wall Street wasn’t organized by a multi-billion dollar media empire, there was no shamelessly blind support for it, or even any interest in covering it, like there was for the Tea Baggers.

When it finally became too big to ignore, the name-calling began. Hippies, bums, anarchists (I’m sure the anarchists here would attest, this is unfair to both parties)… and we were told how “vague” and “unfocused” their demands were. Of course, to anyone who has been to an Occupy event or takes the time to just read a bit about it, it’s more focused on tangible ideas than the Tea Baggers’s scare tactics ever were. Apparently “raise taxes on the rich” is vague.

And then, on Monday, an Occupy Maine gathering in Portland was attacked by a right-wing terrorist who shouted anti-communist slogans and threw an explosive device into a group of people.

Where is the “liberal media?” It’s been a day, and they are remaining quiet, because the media cares nothing for liberals and has been on a non-stop smear campaign since the Reagan era. They defended both Bush presidents while maligning Clinton for… wait for it… sexual escapades.

When the media chides a Democrat more for getting his dick wet than a Republican receives for trillion dollar wars… it’s time to shut the fuck up about the “liberal media” and turn our sights on the corporatist media, the one run by millionaires who have no interest in publicizing the message of the liberals in this country: it’s time for the rich to pay.


  1. I just think the media is afraid of any large popular movement. I don't agree if you are implying the media was supportive of the tea party; they did lie about it often, for instance the allegation that someone 'yelled n-r' at a black congressman, of which no video proof was ever provided, was held up as proof of the Teabagging KKK Lynch Mob's desire to reinstate slavery and segregation. (when actually most conservatives have white guilt like most liberals and would be only too happy to elect a black man like Cain to make themselves feel batter.)

    That's just one example of the smears against the tea party by the media, which are not all that different to the smears against the Occupy movement; they are being accused of antisemitism, commienism, etc. IMO it's just the boot lickers in the media hate the common people, yes including those evil racist old white low income bracket tea party republicans.

  2. * 'feel better'.

    That's one hall of a typo, a and e earn't even next to each other on the keyboard.


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