Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Against Gun Control

From Libertarian Anarchy

Let me begin by stating that this analysis of gun control is biased in favor of minimizing crime and deaths as much as possible, and in favor of protecting individual rights. I am not a gun nut, nor do I support the Second Amendment. Next, I want to say that I originally supported gun control. I thought it was obvious that guns caused crime. Tellingly, I was uninformed and drew my conclusions from the media-definitely not good critical thinking. However, as I researched economics and political philosophy, I changed my position. I discovered that gun control, like all government action, must violate individual rights. I discovered that gun control, like any government prohibition, cannot work, and that gun ownership actually deters crime. Finally, I realized that gun control vs. legalization is a false dichotomy; the true dichotomy is between government vs. private weapon control. In a free society, weapons can be controlled through voluntary, peaceful means.
The Case Against Gun Control

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