Friday, February 27, 2009

Too Tired

I'm too tired to write a post. It requires thinking, you see, and how can you think when ALL you can think about is having your head hit that pillow again? I was going to write on near death experiences based on some nonsense I saw at a Christian website (the nonsense was not NDEs themselves-though the experiences may not be "real"-but the attempt to make them fit into an insane worldview) but that's too much thinking at the moment, and anything I tried to compose would be incoherent (though perhaps that's your view of much of what I write anyway). No, just too tired, but I am trying to post everyday now (bar unforeseen circumstances) and don't want my legions of fans, followers and return visitors to see me slacking. So this is what you get. If I didn't have to work and meet obligations to family and friends and if...if I didn't have to sleep...but I do...right now, in fact, a few more hours anyway...goodnight and good morning.

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