Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Federal Parasite Job Security

Companies are cutting jobs by the tens of thousands. State and local governments are penny-pinching, too. So what about Uncle Sam? Tough times for him as well?

Not exactly.

In fact the number of federal workers is on the rise.

Not surprising at all that the parasite class, i.e., government employees, keeps growing. Their employer has the legal power to steal, unlike private companies (with the exception of those that are "too big to fail") that must survive in the marketplace and actually offer goods and service that people are willing to voluntarily pay for. I often wonder about what we like to call "democracy". Even the peons that I know personally don't like the amount of taxes being deducted from their wages, in fact many of them complain loudly about it (and we ain't talking about Rush Limbaugh fans here). How many would voluntarily pay those taxes if they weren't forced by law to do so? Wouldn't real democracy work just like the market? If nobody likes New Coke, Coca-Cola stops producing it. If people think Toyota and Honda produce a better automobile than GM and Ford, Toyota and Honda make a profit, while GM and Ford struggle and GM sticks its hand in the taxpayer's wallet. Let's make taxes truly voluntary and see how long the parasite class survives and how many get added to its growing numbers.

And how about this:

"Federal belt-tightening would worsen the problem right now," said Kevin Hassett, director of economic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank.

No wonder we're in so much trouble and the government beast continues to get larger and larger, if this is what passes for "conservative".


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