Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holiday Poll

Well, it's long past time to remove the ol' holiday poll from the sidebar. It seems Xmas was most popular, though Halloween was a close second. I don't do much to celebrate these days myself, I just watch others do so (well, I do eat a lot on one of the days listed below; can you guess which?). I also like the cool decorations in all the stores. I decided to put up a poll way back in July (no, I didn't actually begin the poll at that time) when someone said that 4th of July (Independence day) was their favorite holiday. That puzzled me, because I've never had much to celebrate that day and there isn't much happening either (most of the stores stay open all day too). I guess some make a big BBQ deal out of it though, and go somewhere to watch fireworks. When I was a kid we had a big picture window from which fireworks could be seen on the 4th. We could stay home and get a show and sit and eat our snacks right there (we had a bar set up there with chairs). I don't think I've seen fireworks for some years now, maybe at Disneyland, but not on the 4th.

I suppose all my foreign visitors (I get a lot of them) didn't know what to make of such an Americanized list. 4th of July? Thanksgiving? Even Halloween is uniquely celebrated here (I think). As for Christmas, it's not American, but our version of St. Nick is. Didn't you know Santa Claus is a U.S. citizen?

What is your favorite holiday?

4 (30%)

1 (7%)

5 (38%)

4th of July
3 (23%)

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