Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog of the Moment



  1. Those are neat. I especially like the King Kong on the Empire State Bldg.

  2. Hey Hale!

    Thanks for stopping by. King Kong, of course, is one of the great movies of all time, and is still better than all the CGI extravaganzas that Hollywood spends multiple millions on. I find certain things to be just plain cool, and when I find them, want to share them. I'm amazed at the creativity of people, and what something as simple as paper can be transformed into.

    I'm honored, by the way, that you are following my blog. I have found your blog to be one of the most entertaining, interesting and creative I've ever come across. I always look forward to a new post from you. By the way, will we ever see more "Poodle Doodles"?


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