Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Skeptic's Letter to Lee Strobel

Whether or not there are traces of pagan religion to be found in Christianity is a topic of profound interest to me. After all, if Christianity inherited ideas from ancient mythology, then it is less likely to be a true revelation from God and more likely to be a product of superstitious man in ancient times. If, however, Christianity is so far removed from ancient pagan beliefs that its doctrines are otherwise inexplicable as anything less than divine revelation, then one must consider, as you posit, that it is the one true religion revealed by God. So, I took to the section of your work in The Case for the Real Jesus, in which you refute the idea that Christianity Copied Its Beliefs about Jesus from Pagan Religions, with zeal.

In so doing, I couldn't help but notice your frustration with Internet bloggers who claim that Christianity exhibits pagan beliefs, even going so far as to express "a rising indignation" toward them. Well, what an opportunity this is for you! Because, I am one of those pesky Internet bloggers. And I found your examination of this issue to be so inadequate and uncritically biased, that I will continue to blog about the pagan origins of Christianity until you can up the ante and prove a lowly Internet blogger such as myself wrong. Yes, this is a splendid opportunity for you indeed. Because, if you can prove me wrong, that's one less pesky Internet blogger and one more saved soul. Not to mention, a fine example for those to whom you can witness through this process – resulting in even more saved souls! But, the question remains: can you do it? More importantly, will you even bother to try? According to your belief system, there is much at stake here. So, how will you respond?

Dearest Lee

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