Wednesday, February 11, 2009

College, Who Needs It?

Don't dare mess with the "American Dream" of getting a college degree - don't point out the fact that, more often than not, the education received is meaningless, unnecessary, and adds nothing to an individual's abilities or productive value. "Going to college" provides people with a pitifully false sense of accomplishment and intelligence.

Karen DeCoster at The LRC Blog

I've always felt the same way about college and getting a degree. Unless we're talking about specialized skills and knowledge, e.g., the medical field, college is pointless to actually improving yourself. So many wouldn't even feel the need for that degree if it weren't for the idiot capitalist system cronies doing the hiring at countless companies. A bachelors degree is often required, regardless of what you majored in, just to "qualify" for certain positions. Now, how asinine is that when it's obvious what ignorant fools most college graduates are? Whenever I look for true incompetence, I search for the person with an "education".

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  1. Man, do I agree. Some of the stupidest things I've heard uttered was during my time in university. Some "students" were insufferable.

    As for hiring practices, the people screening application forms are not always the most, shall we say, "educated?"

    They lack nuances and read the damn resume literally - as a means to an end. A person like me, who possesses talent but no practical experience in certain areas, would never get a second look even though I can probably do most exec or creative jobs out there.


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