Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why are donut boxes pink?

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Someone googled this question and landed here, which doesn't exactly answer the question. So, in the spirit of serving humanity (which I do anyway by my mere existence, of course) I've made up an answer. If you want something approaching a real answer, try these:

Not all of them are, but there are many wholesalers that sell this color. It started out as a cheap way to decorate a box,,,simply make it a soft color...from there it has just been adopted by other stores.

For the same reason that liquor stores use brown bags....its a product association thing...if you don't have a big name retail chain then go with what people associate with your product your selling...in the case of donuts...pink boxes.


Harvey gets kicked out of his mom's house at age 40 when she decides to remarry. Needing a job to survive, he goes job hunting. With no work experience he thinks it would be a good idea to try and get a job at World of Donuts. He visits the store and talks to the manager.

The manager decides to test Harvey and see how good he is, and so does a role play, acting like a customer.

Manager: How much are your donuts?
Harvey: Uhm... I don't know.
Manager: No.. say 50 cents

So they have another go:
Manager: How much are your donuts?
Harvey: 50 cents!
Manager: Are they fresh?
Harvey: umm.. 50 cents?
Manager: Well. not exactly... You should say "Yes, yes, very fresh".

So they try again for a third time:
Manager: How much are your donuts?
Harvey: 50 cents!
Manager: Are they fresh?
Harvey: Yes, yes, very fresh.
Manager: Should I buy one?
Harvey: umm.. 50 cents!
Manager: Well, that's pretty close! Say "You better hurry before somebody else does!"

So the manager decides to give Harvey a go, and after a few days, the business is going very well, until one day, a robber walks in and pulls a gun from his jacket pocket:

Robber: How much you got in that cash register!?!
Harvey: 50 Cents!
Robber: Are you trying to be fresh with me punk?
Harvey:Yes, yes, very fresh!
Robber: Alright that's it! Do you want me to shoot you?
Harvey: You better hurry before somebody else does!

So the robber shot poor hopeless Harvey, and the spray of blood landed all over the stack of nice white donut boxes, turning them pink and inspiring the World of Donuts manager to special order pink boxes for the shop, a move later imitated by dozens of other donut shops, but not before making World of Donuts famous for having the original pink donut box!

Harvey, you were one hell of a donut shop employee after all!

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