Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Some Stuff


Well, I had not heard of this before (the site and book, I mean) but via Not A Potted Plant here is Hot Chicks With Douchebags.

So I get word that a search must be conducted post-haste to find a rare photo belonging to my mom. What happened to it and what made it so rare? My aunt took it without getting permission first. She was visiting Mom and looking through the family album and found a photograph of my Mom and my mom's friend from England (the only known photo Mom has of her friend) and also my aunt all sitting on the sofa at my aunt's house (it's an old picture from the 80s). Well, she thought she looked pretty good in that photo (she's basically an old hag now) and so she removed it meaning (she claims) to have a copy made. It didn't matter that the photo was from 1980 something and that she doesn't look that way anymore, or that she may as well just pull out one of the daguerreotypes (or maybe cave paintings) from her childhood years and display that version of her forever lost past appearance. Well, she took it and then she lost it. Have you ever taken a photo, or anything else, without asking from a family member's house because you just had to have it?

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