Sunday, October 7, 2012


I usually don’t watch video. The format bores me. But I found this short film about the current developments amazing.

Normally, when I start watching a feature film, I skip past the intro. Then, I watch for a minute or two before I get impatient and start skipping all over the movie, trying to get a feel for what it’s about. After some 30 seconds or so of this activity, I give up and go to Wikipedia to read the plot line instead. Sometimes, I go back to the movie afterwards.

In other words, I have absolutely no patience for the video format, where I can’t evaluate if something is interesting and relevant before having seen all of it in real time. I feel it’s disrespectful of my time and attention to take away my possibility of gradually evaluating if something deserves more attention, as I can do with anything in text format.

This short film, however, had me absorbed from the get-go. When it was over, it felt like 30 seconds had passed. That in itself is remarkable – but the short film also communicates a very chilling insight into where we’re going. The movie is about ever-increasing surveillance, and how it always ends up where we don’t want it – with quite a few surprises baked in.

In the movie, DNA scanners are everywhere, and links your DNA with centralized access control lists to everything. Predictably, it started out as a convenience, until legislation stipulated that law enforcement can and shall have access to all of it. The plot twists towards the end are gripping.

Watch it here. Or don’t. Watch it in fullscreen HD on YouTube. There’s also a Facebook page for discussing directly with the film’s crew, including the director Dennis Liu.

And on a meta-level, this really shows how you can be successful without a traditional movie studio. It was filmed on consumer-level equipment; Canon 5D and 7D.

Rick Falkvinge

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