Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TSA and Their Lethal Machines

The TSA Gives Us the Finger AGAIN

The Thieves and Sexual Assailants are playing musical chairs with their porno-scanners. They’re shuffling carcinogenic backscatter X-ray machines out of larger airports, such as New York’s LaGuardia and JFK International, into smaller ones — but that doesn’t mean they’ve renounced their voyeurism. Oh my, no. Rather, they’re replacing backscatter with millimeter-wave technology. (Contrary to the lamestream media’s claims, millimeter waves are not safe for use on humans: there’s evidence they “unzip” DNA and create “bubbles” in the strands. Only psychopaths and sadists would unleash either technology on millions of victims every day, as does the TSA.)
The agency has always relied on both techniques to ogle you. I’ve never read an explanation as to how its criminals decide which lethal machines will hit which airports; I assume it has something to do with the checkpoint’s configuration. But now Our Rulers deign to tell us why they’re rearranging their toys: “In an effort to ensure the most efficient and effective use of security technology, TSA is strategically reallocating backscatter advance imaging technology units in order to allow for expanded use of advance imaging technology units at other airports.” Translation from the Jargon: X-rays need a few seconds longer than millimeter waves to denude prey, so the TSA is unloading them on terminals with fewer passengers.
From their introduction in 2002, and especially with their nationwide roll-out in 2010, these mechanical Peeping Toms have infuriated passengers because of their devastating threats to our health and privacy. Remember that the TSA lies about everything, all the time; that the corporate media unerringly regurgitates those lies; and that most passengers understand little about millimeter-wave scanners, let alone their dangers. So wouldn’t you think that the boneheaded, universally hated TSA would lie now in an effort to manufacture some goodwill? Wouldn't you think it would confess only to removing X-ray gizmos from some airports, deny that it’s installing them in others, and pretend to concern for passengers’ well-being? But no. Instead, the agency has repeatedly stressed that “efficient and effective use of security technology” is the only reason for this “reallocation.”
Serfs, listen up: Your Masters do not fear you, nor tremble at your loathing. They do as they please without any regard whatever for you or for common decency and basic humanity. We exist only to enrich them and their cronies and to make them feel important as they lord it over us.-

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