Saturday, October 27, 2012

News and Notes: Bret Alan Returns!

Hello out there in blogging land! Has it been the kind of day where you need an update post? Well, has it?

So, after hand-cuffing Bret and dragging him in chains to SE headquarters, he finally relented and agreed to become a contributor again. He so far has given us the greatness of the special Halloween header you see above, much better than last year's, and the courtesy of reposting the opening chapter of his monumental epic The Adventures of Hugh.

What's next from Mr. Alan? Well, stay tuned, because we've got an election coming up in only 10 days, and who knows, Bret may show up and blog about it (and that probably means live blogging)!

In other news and notes, please remember that Skeptical Eye has a Facebook page, where literally tons of links and goodies await. Oh hell, not literally tons, links don't weigh nothing!

Also, more plans on the way for diversified link/blog lists, including one on food and one for copyright/intellectual property issues.

Halloween is almost here as well, and that kicks off SE's holiday season, with much to anticipate in holiday themed posts (Swift is currently giving us the pleasure of his Lovecraft Month) and, of course, new holiday headers from Bret.

So don't go away, cause if you do, you'll miss all the fun. Dammit that just sounds stupid and corny. No wonder I don't post these News and Notes updates very often.

Finally, if you're not already, consider following this blog so we can at least reach 500 followers. Hows about it, friend?

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