Saturday, October 20, 2012

For Me It's The King of Queens

Co-workers are sometimes a welcome relief when you need a few minutes to slack off (though I can slack off quite easily on my own) and you kill some time just chatting about something stupid.

And speaking of killing time, I mass murder too much of mine, and I don't mean the boss's either. I got into a short discussion with my neighbor in the next cubicle. She likes her early shift (6am to 2:30pm) because it gives her the rest of the day to do whatever she wants. Only problem is, she said she races home every day and then sits on the couch and watches old reruns. For her, it's How I Met Your Mother. And, as I explained as the discussion went further, for me it's The King of Queens. I don't know how it happened. I never watched the show during its original network run. I guess I caught it one day and stopped to watch cause it had the guy from Mall Cop and George Costanza's father in it.

I would get home in time to watch a full hour on a local station, then another hour of back-to back- episodes on TBS a little later, then some more late night on TV Land. Even after months I still hadn't seen them all. And yet, even with those I had seen several times already, I'd still watch them like a mesmerized zombie. There are so many other things I could have been doing with my time, but stress and fatigue make it easier to just plop down my ass and watch the tube.

I'm doing better now though. I don't watch The King of Queens much anymore. Then again, my shift at work changed so I don't get home in time (and I don't have a DVR).

What's your King of Queens?

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