Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama's America: Successful 18-year-old Businessman Sentenced to Prison

18-year-old Tyler Pagenstecher of Mason, OH, who became the talk of the country over the summer when he was revealed as a "drug czar," was sentenced to six-months-to-three-years in a juvenile prison on Monday. The judge called Pagenstecher, who was selling up $20,000 worth of high-grade marijuana a month, a "pretty fine young person that went down a bad trail."-Ohio Kingpin Sentenced to at Least Six Months in Juvenile Prison

Oh yes, you filthy black-robed tyrant, he's soooooo bad! Too bad you don't feel the same way about the criminal state you represent and whose phony, rotten and very bad "laws" you enforce, you fucking hypocrite.

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  1. yeah, the world has been flipped on its ear. It's 100% legal to send billions of dollars to buy votes to better profit your company, but not legal to sell or use a drug that has numerous medical benifits.


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