Thursday, October 25, 2012

God and Richard Mourdock

THE HEAVENS—Responding to inflammatory remarks made by Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock during a Tuesday night debate, Our Lord God The Almighty Father today sought to distance Himself both from Mourdock and from the entire right-wing, fundamentalist Christian movement, sources confirmed.-God Distances Self From Christian Right

Of course, if there is a God who created each of us and intended each of us to be here, and has plans for our lives, etc., then those of us who were conceived by rape (and even those whose conception was the result of consensual sex no doubt had ancestors who were the product of a rape) were meant to be here through that means.

Which has to mean God does "intend it to happen". And since there is and always has been so much rape in the world, God must approve of it, since it brings so many of his children into existence. Otherwise, any all-powerful god could have set things up so that rape never resulted in pregnancy.

Good god, Richard Mourdock's logic is right! Which means of course that there is no God and Mourdock is simply a fool.

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