Saturday, October 20, 2012

The New and Improved Skeptical Eye! and The Return of Bret Alan!

That's right SE fans (we know you're out there) not only is this blog getting better all the time, but to prove it, Bret Alan is returning!

And if you're too young to remember Bret, you're in for a treat, and maybe a trick or two. I've come to the conclusion that Bret has the right stuff for this blog, even with his hate for the South and Ron Paul. After all, he continually manages to piss off Obama supporters, and how sweet is that?

So, welcome back to the finest contributor in SE history (no slight meant, Swift, Cork and the rest) and a bright shining future (at least for SE) as we head into the great collapse of 2013 with Obamney at the helm of our great nation as it goes down like the Titanic.

Other good things are on the way as well, but aren't they always?

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