Monday, March 5, 2012

Ken O'Keefe on what the NDAA will do to America

Khader Adnan had been arrested by Israeli authorities eight times before, but this time it'd gone too far. He was suspected of being an active part of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which Israel sees as a terrorist group. Adnan was been detained and no charges were filed against him.-

There will be that many more people around the world who will see what Israel really is, a truly rogue state that is threatening the safety and security of all people on this planet not just the Palestinians, saber rattling with Iran, tempting a third world war and potential nuclear armageddon, this is the state of Israel-Ken O'Keefe

The social media efforts which recently brought global attention to Palestinian nonviolent resistance (Khader Adnan) and to the impact of Israeli occupation on Palestinian intimate and family relationships (Love Under Apartheid) did not do so by chance. Neither effort could have succeeded without a sound understanding of several key social media concepts. -Social Media Principles Behind the Khader Adnan and Love Under Apartheid Campaigns

Khader Adnan will reportedly be released in April, assuming no new evidence is introduced to uphold the assessment that he is a high-risk threat as a member of Islamic Jihad. He has ended his hunger strike after his lawyers and the High Court of Justice worked out this arrangement.

Adnan's case, as numerous commentators rightly note, has drawn attention to Israel's practice of administrative detention. But by promising to release Adnan, the Israeli government headed off what could have been an embarrassing political and legal debacle.-Why Israel freed Khader Adnan


  1. You're just an anti semite, just like all the rest.

  2. Why do you publish anything Ken Nichols...his real name... has to spout?....You have not researched this liar as I have....from his time in Hawaii.....I was looking to make a donation for Palestine...Came across his efforts...he is a con-man....a cult leader using good people for his commercial enterprise......A piece of pond scum.
    Shame on you for giving him ANY print.


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