Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Woman Lectures Men And (Surprise) Gets It Wrong

Yesterday, I read this article about 7 things men can do to prevent abortions.  To be quite honest, I do have my problems with it, largely because it was written by a woman who obviously doesn’t understand men.  But let me first address here 7 points before I get into that:

  1. Make a personal commitment today to stop looking at pornography, stop engaging prostitutes and stop visiting strip clubs.  First of all, what do those activities have to do with abortion?  If men were the heartless sex hounds that we supposedly are, would we not just turn to actual women and impregnate them more frequently?  As a Christian man, I do agree that such activities are immoral, but at the same time, I also recognize a fundamental fact: men want sex.  If a husband or long-term boyfriend is caught engaging in any of these activities, I will say that his wife or girlfriend is not satisfying his needs.  This is actually the more likely scenario as sex addiction is rare and often confused for normal male desire by most women.
  2. Make a personal commitment today to stand against sexual violence, rape and incest.  No sane man would support sexual violence, rape, or incest.  Even so, abortions performed in relation to rape or incest account for less than 5% of all abortions (I dare say it is probably less than 1% but I don’t have the exact figures).
  3. If you are Christian and have strong views, read this Susan B. Anthony essay and make a commitment today to be a better type of Christian husband.  As a Christian husband, being one is actually easy and doesn’t require a lot of commitment.  In any case, men require respect from their wives, not just love.  Love is easy to come by, but we need to be respected.  This means that Christian wives will have to submit to their husbands and trust in their judgments.  A submissive Christian wife, however, is not a human doormat.  None of this matters in relation to the topic of the article, though, as most abortions do not occur between married couples or couples in long-term relationships.
  4. Make a personal commitment today not to pressure a woman for sex of any kind when she says, "No," "I don't feel well" or "I'm tired."  Again, nothing to do with abortions as married couples or couples in long-term relationships tend not get abortions.  At the same time, part of being a submissive Christian wife is to fulfill your husband’s sexual needs regardless of how you feel.  If he truly loves you, he will be sensitive to your needs as well.  However, he is more willing to be a better husband provided his needs are fulfilled as well.  The measure of any good marriage is how often the couple have sex.  Women shouldn’t fear this as they can have sex much more often than men since most of the time we do all the work.  Lastly, if a wife has any problems downstairs that would make sex uncomfortable, keep in mind there are other ways to satisfy your husband sexually.  Again though, we find another issue that has nothing to do with abortion or the causes for it.  If you aren’t having sex, then there is no need for abortion, right?
  5. Make a personal commitment today to know a woman for at least 6 months to one year before having intercourse with her.  I can agree with this as a Christian man.  However, as an unconventional Christian man, if your intention is to marry this women, then you need not set a time limit.  My mother was a little unnerved when my brother got his long-term girlfriend pregnant two months before their wedding.  I simply told my mother that they were, in fact, married and were just waiting on the ceremony.  This is the real reason why having frequent sex with multiple people is so damaging: it damages your chances of having a healthy relationship with a single person.  You are more likely to get divorced or split up if you have more and more sexual partners in the past.  This reason, however, is a valid one in regards to abortion.  Frequent hook-ups are the primary cause for abortions, coupled with a culture that encourages women to pursue a career over motherhood.
  6. Make a personal commitment today not to take advantage of any woman who has been drinking or is impaired.  No sane man would do this either.  This sin is usually the result of loners who are unable to hook-up with women from the get go.  However, I think women, especially young college goers, should be avoiding parties where they will find themselves in that situation.  I don’t cross a busy interstate and blame the car that subsequently hits me, do I?  You have to recognize the dangers of being a women, seeing as how you are the physically weaker sex.  Also, often times when this does happen, the man himself has had as much to drink if not more than the women and his judgment is impaired as well.  It does not excuse his behavior, but getting drunk around drunk men is just a bad idea all around.
  7. Make a personal commitment today to stop smooth-talking and lying to women to "get in." True ALPHA men do not need to lie to “get in.”  It is the BETA males who lie about themselves in order to hook-up and the failure of women to see through it.  As for smooth-talking, it works so why should men give it up?  How about women who go to the places where the smooth-talkers are?  They know full well that the point of those places is to get banged by a smooth-talking liar.  They just like the idea of being pursued by a suitable ALPHA male.

So we have three reasons that directly relate to the reasons why abortions occur and we have four that have absolutely nothing to do with it.  There would be less abortions if there was less promiscuity, not necessarily a disrespect for women in general.  As a Christian who is morally opposed to abortion, I have quite frankly given up on the political solution and now view it as a symptom of a corrupt and decadent society, not a root cause.  The root cause is a culture that encourages and celebrates promiscuity.  You want abortions to end?  That’s great but don’t expect Republicans to ban it, the courts to change the laws, or the pro-life groups to make any headway with any Congressional member.  Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the space between a proton and neutron in an Oxygen atom.  A better solution is to drive abortion clinics out of business by creating an environment where it becomes unthinkable.

Laura Trice, the author of the article, means well, but I  don’t think she is seeing this issue from anywhere else but her own solipsistic viewpoint.  While I have many disagreements with what she said, I think we would both agree that being against promiscuity and for healthy long-term relationships is the ultimate solution to abortion.   She just needs some focus, that’s all.

Personal Note:  I thought about blogging about what has been happening to me in the past two weeks, but I don’t think it merits a full blog entry.  Basically, two weeks ago I was laid off at my job.  The next day, I had three interviews and a job offer.  I’ve taken the offer and started working this week.  I am just starting to get back into the flow of things in my life, hence the lack of blog entries for the past couple of weeks from me.


  1. Good to see you back, Swift! Sorry to hear about your job, but glad you found another one so soon. I lost a job 5 years ago and it took me nearly a year to find another one.


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