Monday, March 26, 2012

MOX News Page Taken Down For Violation Of Community Guidelines On Tsunami Ghost Ship Video

I wake up this morning and what do I find? that several videos on the main page of SE have been taken down. It's Mox News posted videos again. YouTube has really become intolerable. Where's the free speech, where's the enforcement of the right to Fair Use (it's virtually disappeared in crony capitalist, corporation controlled America), where's the right to be free from petty little statists and nasty little clovers making the decision as to what others have the right to view? The violation TheirTube is claiming is regarding "community guidelines". On a video about a Japanese ghost ship?

YouTube is basically finished as a place where freedom for the individual to post videos and interact with others in an open forum flourishes. It's become too friendly to big corporations, and not just regarding enforcement of fascist copyright "laws", but for corporations themselves to have their own YouTube pages, and of course, a place that must be friendly to the corporate agenda so corporate advertisements can make money for the site.

It is finally time for something called FreedomTube?

The video in question this time I posted here.

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