Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meghan McCain in Playboy

“It’s just been so lame—so many debates, so much blather, so much oversaturation. Granted, my father is not running, so I’m biased, and we have an incumbent president, which changes things. But where’s the electricity? You’d think someone would rise up and tap the frustration and energy of the Occupy movement or the Tea Party, but it just hasn’t happened yet.”-Meghan McCain (daughter of Sen. John McCain)

She posed, but, unfortunately, not nude. And with all the animosity toward Obama on the right, combined with a still weak economy, you'd think there would be more energy and excitement firing things up. Well, there might be if the foolish Republicans would turn to Ron Paul. Truth be told, you can't effectively oppose Obama when your front-running candidates are so similar to B.O. and his big government polices (hmm, sounds like Meghan's dad).

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