Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sheriff Joe vs. B.O.

Old Joe "pink underpants" Arpaio says he's got him some good stuff on Obama, tons of good stuff, in fact.

“I’m not going after the president to keep him off a ballot or anything else, but that could happen,” Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. “I’m going at it strictly as a law-enforcement guy investigating a possible forgery and fraud. I’m sticking with that, but I’ll tell you one thing. We got tons of other information that could be very shocking, too, but I’m sticking now with just the [forgery] investigation and possible criminal violations.”-Sheriff Joe: 'Tons' more shocking Obama info

It's getting personal! Sheriff Joe has had enough!

The Republican sheriff now claims that Obama’s Selective Service registration form from 1980 was likely a forgery as well. Arpaio has asked Selective Service System Director Lawrence Romo to produce the original form so he can determine if it is authentic.-Arpaio asks Selective Service System for assistance in ‘birther’ investigation

Glenn Beck (a nutter himself) doesn't like this whole development, saying Sheriff Joe had handed Obama a "gift": “Okay. Look, I am a fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I am a guy who has supported him in the past. I like him, I… I think he’s great on illegal immigration. But Joe, have you gone nuts?”-Huh? Sheriff Joe Arpaio gives Obama 2012 a gift, goes after birth certificate

Now, some on the right don't take kindly to Beck's "betrayal" of birtherism or as it may now be known, "documentism", as witness this:

BECK IS AN UNENTERTAINING MORON!...Arpaio's press conference went far beyond the birth certificate to include Obama's fraudulent Selective Service registration, missing INS records for international airline travel in the 8/1-10/1961 time frame, as well as the Connecticut Social Security number that Obama claims as his (the one that failed E-Verify!). Beck brings up the canard about the newspaper birth announcements. They were triggered by the registration of baby Obama's 'Hawaiian' birth at the Department of Health which generated the Certification of Live Birth (not birth certificate), the only document proffered by Obama and his henchmen until the April 2011 bombshell. -Free Republic


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