Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim Praises Allah for the Death of Pope

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  1. Fascinating story, especially the microfinance angle.

    It`s got bugger all to do with the Obama story but 3 months ago I was questioned and investigated by Colombian secret police in the Amazon for 2 days at the request of the US military, that happened a few days after being befriended by a French `microfinance` guy. We got on well but I never heard from him again - he just vanished into the ether.

    Reckon the microfinance cover angle is still being used by agents of the powers that be.

    (it`s a long story, I write for a weed magazine and was overheard talking about Israeli travellers and Colombian drug politics at a restaraunt by two US military peeps. To cut this very long story short I was told that the US has a secret military base down in Leticia and they`ve got 1 or 2 planes capable of carrying 4 tonnes of coke flying back to the US every week. (It`s at Km 6 on the road to Tarapaca - their Colombian counterparts do not appreciate their presence there!))


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