Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Problem With Focusing On Corporate Power

The problem with focusing on corporate power instead of the more fundamental problem of government power is that it can too easily lead to the promotion of unproductive or even counterproductive solutions. Trying to regulate banks to prevent them from gambling away our wealth will never work when governments use their monopoly on force to maintain the current fraudulent banking system and to bail them out with our taxes. Trying to regulate corporations is pointless when corporations themselves inevitably grab hold of the reins of regulating bodies. Campaign finance laws are worse than worthless when it comes to trying to “get the money out of politics.” When governments have goodies and privileges to hand out, the wealthiest, most connected, most entrenched elites will inevitably get their hands on most of those goodies and privileges. - BELIEF # 33: Corporations have too much power

h/t T.C.

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