Thursday, November 24, 2011

Neocon Krauthammer: Ron Paul is living in the 1920's

The disgusting and evil Charles Krauthammer doesn't like Ron Paul. The lying cripple also distorts facts and history to support his neocon agenda.

Krauthammer used his considerable influence in 2002 and 2003 to help sell much of the American public on the war for which the Bush administration was clearly itching. It began with the president's talk about "regime change" in Iraq, a policy adopted in the late 1990's by the Clinton administration and the Republican Congress. When that didn't win the country over, Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" became the new mantra. The neocon high church choir took up the theme and was soon singing, chanting and beating the drums for another war with Iraq. And there was Krauthammer in the midst of them.

In words reminiscent of the "mushroom-shaped cloud" warning of Condoleezza Rice, then the president's adviser on national security, Krauthammer warned in 2002 that Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein was in hot pursuit of a nuclear bomb to go with the chemical and biological weapons that the Bush administration and its echo chamber in the neocon press told us with certainty he possessed.

"…[I]f he comes into possession of nuclear weapons in addition to the weapons of mass destruction he already has, he is likely to use them or share them with terrorists," Krauthammer wrote. "The threat of mass death on a scale never before seen residing in the hands of an unstable madman is intolerable — and must be preempted."-Charles the Hammer

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  1. The 1920s? Great! Small government, low taxes, low unemployment, and no wars. Please, can we have the 1920s again?

    Yes, Krauthammer, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Funny thing though, that was back when we actually declared war under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. We then went to war, and we beat them. No other man among the Republican candidates supports following the Constitution in our foreign policy like Ron Paul.


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