Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ice Cream Song: "Do you love ice cream?"

I love ice cream too much, which is why I stopped buying it...

While we're on the subject, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Something exotic or something quite ordinary? My sister always insisted on plain vanilla, while my favorite as a child was good old Rocky Road! My mom loves butter pecan, while my dad, well, almost any flavor will do.

Dad used to tell us about the occasional ice cream treat when he was a kid. He had four brothers and sisters, and when they all had been served their bowls of ice cream, his siblings would gobble theirs down quickly (probably because they saw such a dessert so rarely, the family being so poor) while he would take his time, consuming only tiny bites, until the right moment came, with the forlorn faces of the others looking up from their empty bowls, and he would make sure to show them he still had almost all of his ice cream, and then taunt them with the fact. He may have kept it up for hours but for the inconvenient truth that ice cream eventually melts.

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  1. Catchy tune. Made me want to eat some ice cream. Guess that was the point. I love teaberry and pistachio, but any flavor will do in a pinch. You might want to read some other good skeptical stuff on my new site, www.theinconvenienttruth

    The Inconvenient Truth


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