Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Claus is Real

I had that moment, when my "best" friend from school was visiting at my house one December day between Christmas and New Years. The conversation turned to what Christmas presents we each had received, and I mentioned Santa. My friend (his name was Scott, the bastard!) laughed in my face and said "There is no Santa Claus!" I was shocked, literally. I mean, it was as if someone had said the sun wasn't going to rise tomorrow. How could this so-called friend of mine, with whom I'd spent hours at school in the same classroom, and after school at his house and he at mine, tell me such a thing? How could he be so ignorant, or cruel if he was joking? I immediately shouted for my mom. She would set the fool straight!

Mom wasn't much help, I'm afraid, and it slowly dawned on me the rest of that terrible day that I'd been deceived for years! No wonder I'd believed so strongly in the jolly fat man in the red suit. Presents found in the bushes at the side of the house Christmas morning, "Must have fallen off Santa's sleigh!"; Doorbells ringing and piles of Christmas loot left on the front porch, with no one in sight when we opened the door; the sound of bells (which seemed to come from outside) every Christmas. What elaborate lies they had spun.

That was the last Christmas that held any real magic for me...

Come back, Santa, come back!

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