Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bachmann: Raise taxes on the poor! F**k yeah!

Republicans are now aiming to hike taxes on the poor and middle class. Bachmann says everybody should "pay something" to the murderous state, and by "everybody" she means everyone except the rich (who will be on the "receiving" end of the robbery). The other big contenders seem to agree.

While we've come to expect this from Republicans, I'm surprised how few libertarians have jumped on this outrage. This is the most horrific and anti-human tax raise I've ever heard of, and it's from the "anti-tax" party.


  1. Michele Bachman is bat-shit crazy!!! The fact that she is a current government official shows us all just how broken the system is already!!

  2. When have Republicans ever been the anti-tax party? They're just pro-wealthy, not anti-tax.


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