Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super-Committee missed the Telephone Booth

If you ever looked up incompetent in the dictionary, it might show a picture of Congress.  If there are too many for the group photo, then it might as well be the 12 members of the “Super” Committee, who were appointed to fix the deficit crisis.  Yet they were unable to find anything that they could cut because apparently there is nothing to cut in government.

The vast majority of Congress is made up of buffoons who were failures in life.  They couldn’t even do a good job as a lawyer, which is probably the easiest white-collar job in the world so long as you can read and write coherently, and yet they were able to sell enough snake oil to enough gullible voters.

I know there are complex, partisan issues at play here.  On the side, you have Republicans who will not cut foreign policy spending, which totals about 1 trillion.  Likewise, you have Democrats who will not cut welfare spending, which totals around 1 trillion as well.

Now I know math is a difficult subject for the average blog reader, given the comments I have seen in the past, but please stick with me.  Our government takes in about 2.1 trillion in tax revenues this year.  They spend well over 3 trillion, where they borrow the difference to make up for the lack of revenue.  What this means, is that over 1/3 of the United States Federal government’s budget is not paid for and added to the total Federal government debt, which is now approaching 15 trillion.

This means that in order to balance the budget and get a hold of the deficit in the immediate short term, they have to make cuts.   The sad fact is, even if everything but foreign policy spending and moocher benefits were cut completely out of the budget, there would still be a deficit, piling on to a debt that cannot be repaid.

Meanwhile, both parties will state that certain things are off the table in terms of spending.  Then they to the dumb masses about how they have capped or cut spending when they do nothing of the sort.

I knew full well that the Super-Committee would fail because I know these people and their motivations.  If you are a Congressperson, your first instinct is to kick the can down the road on the really important stuff and make as much money as you can in the short while you have the power to do so.

Fixing the Federal budget and getting it balanced is not a difficult task.  There have been countless proposals all over the Internet, many of them detailed enough to resolve the issue.  But instead of trying something, anything, Congress just keeps the status quo and goes on like nothing will ever change.

But big changes are coming and I do not mean the elections.  The whole financial system that they bank on (literally) is going to collapse.  Already bankster agents are being openly appointed to positions of power in Europe, with the hopes of preventing it, but people like Mario Monti should be wary of what happened to Benito Mussolini.  The fact is, what they are doing is not sustainable any longer.

However, I do have a solution for Congress: appoint me head of all legislative actions and I will come up with a budget plan in two short weeks, provided I am compensated for my efforts.  I will ensure that the budget is balanced and that the interests of the American people are met while at the same time reversing the course of the growing debt.

I also would like to add that while I am above average, I am also highly motivated in that I do not wish to live that cesspool known as Washington, D.C. longer than I have too.  I have experience in managing budgets for organizations in the past, albeit on a voluntary basis.

As an added bonus, I’ll add that my budget proposal will be so good, Congress and the President won’t have to vote it.  They can basically give me a blank check to rework it however I want to.   As an added bonus, you can make me the scapegoat, provided I get my own private island in the Caribbean to live on for the rest of my life, should that be necessary.

If you don’t like my offer, that’s OK.  But you have admit it is better than what you have been doing all this time.

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