Sunday, November 6, 2011

MOVE YOUR MONEY MONDAY (because they think we're just ignorant dirty hippies)

Bank of America is running ads non-stop, on TV, online, in malls, on buses. Why?

Why would they spend so much money if they don't need no stinking customers?

Because they're lying, as always. Because their ponzi scheme is a pyramid build on a base of small depositors. Because they have built a house of cards on your backs. Because they know, that without you they have no business. Because they know that once the bleeding starts, it will destroy them. Because they know, they won't get another bailout.

They are terrified. We are winning. They hope we will give up, because that's the only hope they have left

But we will not. Tomorrow is a new day and we have not stopped. Tomorrow is Nov 7th.

Tomorrow is MOVE YOUR MONEY MONDAY.-The big banks are terrified - we are winning

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