Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pregnant Mom Arrested for Eating A Sandwich, Has Daughter Taken by Filthy Dirty State Thugs!

Ate a sandwich inside Safeway (and bought groceries) because she was hungry, intended to pay for it, and offered to pay afterwards, but Safeway (a filthy dirty statist corporate entity) called the cops. Then the mother's daughter was taken by the government bastards! I for one will now stop shopping at any store owned by Safeway! Boycott Safeway!

Update: Safeway Drops Theft Charges

See, corporations are more accountable than government! I might just stop by Safeway this afternoon after work.

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  1. Just so you know, the child was returned. That said, she was taken for 18 hours, and neither parent (both mommy and daddy were jailed for their five-dollar sandwich stealing) knew where she was or who she was with. They didn't know how she was doing, or if the person the state deemed safe was safe. (not sure I trust their judgment, considering they threw a heavily-pregnant mother in jail and took her three-year-old because she forgot to pay for a sandwich). Did you know that Safeway is now 'reviewing the evidence' to see if they'll 'press further charges'? Can you believe the freaking gall? I don't usually believe in suing,but I hope this young family sues their underwear off. I really do. Never shopping at that place again. Ever.


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