Wednesday, November 2, 2011

19 Questions for Libertarians!

Jon Stewart's 19 Questions To Libertarians

No. 11 sounds like Bret wrote it!

11. Why is it that libertarians trust a corporation, in certain matters, more than they trust representatives that are accountable to voters? The idea that I would give up my liberty to an insurance company, as opposed to my representative, seems insane.

Elected representatives are not accountable, not in any sense that means anything. They make promises during elections that no one can legally hold them to, and they ignore the voters all the time. Plus, I don't vote in the rigged farces we call elections, anyway. A corporation is far more likely to listen to me as a customer or potential customer than a politician is to give a damn about my views. And I can always choose not to use the products or services of a particular corporation, but I can't legally choose to ignore the laws our "elected" (what a joke) representatives pass or refuse to pay the taxes they impose on me (not without government thugs threatening me with the "law" or even throwing me into one of their disgraceful hellhole prisons). Hilariously, though, the statist asking such a question doesn't even realize that corporations are not free market entities in the first place, but at least corporations, in general, are still far more accountable to me as an individual than any government.

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, responds to 19 tough questions for libertarians.


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  2. Government can confiscate your property and jail you. Corporations can't. Yeah, I don't see why he can't understand this.


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