Monday, June 14, 2010

Black Holes or Black Whores?

So, this greeting card, says Hallmark, has been out for three years, and before now has never received a complaint. But never fear, the race police are on the job, protecting poor black folk from hidden racism that no one but they can discover!

No, I promise, this is not a video by The Onion, though it easily could be, if, that is, "liberals" weren't already such parodies of themselves.

Hallmark, unfortunately, instead of standing their ground, caved like nearly every other corporation does when confronted with a false charge of "racism". Then again, companies have to be always looking over their shoulders for government parasites watching every aspect of their businesses for violations of Federal "discrimination" and "civil rights" laws, so perhaps it's understandable that they err on the side of caution. Also, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton could always call for a boycott, and no company wants that either.

This also reminds me of the recent black Barbie Walmart incident. And I'm still wondering when the NAACP is going to change their racist "colored people" name.

h/t WC Varones

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  1. Take it from a liberal: no one is listening to these niggers.


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