Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Portugal Legalizes Drugs and Crime and Drug Use Falls

Instead of incarcerating vast numbers as in the U.S., treatment is offered and encouraged, and while trafficking drugs remains a crime, personal use does not. Of course, it's not really "legalization", just "decriminalization", but still a major step in the right direction.

If the state is to get involved where it doesn't belong, at least treat drug users and addicts as people with a problem needing treatment (like alcoholics) rather than as criminals requiring prison sentences.

"The apocalypse never happened" as some predicted when the country of Portugal decriminalized ALL illegal drugs eight years ago. The country did NOT become a haven for drug use, and drug abuse & drug crime actually FELL.


  1. Yeah... or just legalize them. You could more than cover the cost of treatment with taxes on legal sales.

  2. Ginx is a smart man (or woman, I am not sure).

  3. Don't say that based on one comment. You have no idea what idiocy I am capable of... just ask SE.

    And I am all man! Except when I'm curled up eating Ben and Jerry's while watching True Blood...

  4. Well said! I love your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

  5. You have no idea what idiocy I am capable of... just ask SE.

    Yes, I'll vouch for that.

    And I am all man!

    However, I can't vouch for this statement, as I have no proof for it. In fact, by your profile photo, Ginx, you look all dog.

  6. Steve, why don't you link to Skeptical Eye and see what happens?


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