Saturday, June 19, 2010

Justice for Bradley Manning

Army Specialist Bradley Manning, who is accused of leaking a video to WikiLeaks (the now infamous "Collateral Murder") has friends in the blogosphere. There is a site up called Help Bradley Manning, and a petition the text of which is below.

To: US Department of Defense; US Department of Justice

We, the Undersigned, call for justice for US Army PFC Bradley Manning, incarcerated without charge (as of 18 June 2010) at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Media accounts state that Mr. Manning was arrested in late May for leaking the video of US Apache helicopter pilots killing innocent people and seriously wounding two children in Baghdad, including those who arrived to help the wounded, as well as potentially other material. The video was released by WikiLeaks under the name "Collateral Murder".

If these allegations are untrue, we call upon the US Department of Defense to release Mr. Manning immediately.

If these allegations ARE true, we ALSO call upon the US Department of Defense to release Mr. Manning immediately.

Simultaneously, we express our support for Mr. Manning in any case, and our admiration for his courage if he is, in fact, the person who disclosed the video. Like in the cases of Daniel Ellsberg, W. Mark Felt, Frank Serpico and countless other whistleblowers before, government demands for secrecy must yield to public knowledge and justice when government crime and corruption are being kept hidden.

Justice for Bradley Manning!-The Justice for Bradley Manning Petition

h/t Mike Gogulski.

All this is of course just another example of how much different Obama is from Bush, and how open and "transparent" his administration is to the American people. After all, we wouldn't want a President who was trying to suppress the truth about the war, or prevent vital information from getting to the public, now would we, "liberals"?


  1. As someone who didn't even fall for Obama's bullshit, I find it a little stupid to be blaming liberals for the wars Bush started, let alone for the moderate conservative president that people like you bitch and moan about being "socialist." Why would you mock liberals when if Obama would act more liberal, he'd be doing a better job?

    Anyway, hopefully more people leak material, to the point they can't prosecute everyone. In the mean time, it's good to get the word out there because this story is buried by other news.

  2. Why mock "liberals", Ginx? Because so many of them (have you forgotten Paul McCartney's recent moronic comments praising the Holy One?) still worship at his altar.

    And stop being so narcissistic. It isn't about you (at least not all of the time).


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