Saturday, June 26, 2010

No More Mr. Nice Guy?

That's right. If I have to get mean and nasty to get you people to start leaving comments here, I'm gonna do it. That means posts where I no longer pull my punches, where I stop being so gentle and considerate, where I START getting really angry and exposing my enemies for the scum they are (you hear that Roger "I kiss bankster butt" Young?).

So what's it gonna be?

You talkin' to me?

1 comment:

  1. Just a thought... you have an army of conservative followers and you rip on liberals. The one liberal who reads your blog is the most frequent commenter. Maybe instead of ripping on Democrats and liberal ideas most of the time, you might consider confronting the ideas held dear by the majority of those who follow your blog.

    People don't leave comments to say, "Yeah, you tell 'em SE!" They read it, nod, and are reaffirmed in their ideology... which isn't very skeptical. Most real skeptics blog in order to dispute. I think you have a cozy place here for conservatives and libertarians to be comforted in their worldview - as ridiculously apocalyptic as that view may be...

    Stockpile gold, seriously? All banks will collapse and the US will turn into a third world nation? I can't believe you see global warming as the alarmist over-exaggeration that it is while perpetuating conservative fantasies of a liberal dystopia.

    You got them here by telling them what they want to hear. Now that you have their attention, maybe you can fix some of them.


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