Friday, June 18, 2010

I Love Walmart!

I've written a few anti-Walmart posts in the past, and I still don't think they treat their employees well, but damn, you gotta love Walmart anyway.

In another recent post, I said it might not be a bad idea to take our money away from the banksters. Well, last night around 8PM (and isn't it great that you can take care of financial matters after bankster hours) I decided to take my paycheck to try out Walmart's check cashing. Why let the bankster criminals get their hands on it for any length of time, I thought as I walked to the front of the line at the customer service counter inside the big store.

I just told them I was there to cash my check, and quickly and efficiently I had hundred dollar bills in my hand, and the cost was a mere flat three dollars. I just had to show ID and punch in my social, but it was nice to be able to quickly and easily bypass the criminal and statist bankster network.

After that I put the bulk of my funds away and took a few dollars to do some shopping. As I went up and down the aisles of merchandise, I noticed that prices had indeed "rolled back" on many items, including a 32oz jar of mayonnaise which was under 2 dollars. I got that and some more Oscar Meyer hot dogs for a buck fifty a package, and then picked up a box of Trisciuts for under two dollars as well ( a rollback of a dollar on the previous price).

I went away happy and very satisfied, my mood lifted by the greatness of the private sector, the occasion only marred by my awareness of the contrast with government and its evil bankster accomplices.

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